Frank & Alma

Frank J. Adams, founder of Adams Motel & Restaurant, began his business as a taxi driver in the early 1940’s. He and his wife, Alma, opened a canteen in 1946. The canteen grew and today it is a restaurant with a capacity for 98 people.


Frank and Alma built 12 motel units in 1958. Today it has expanded to 96 units. It now includes conference halls, a resto-bar, restaurant and a bus terminus for Orléans Express.

Our father formed a company to include his immediate family members as shareholders in 1967. Allan became general manager of the company at this time.

Unfortunately, our dad suddenly passed away in August 1969, leaving his legacy to his wife, Alma, and their five children. (Eileen, Allan, Ellie, Wayne and Sherry).

Wayne joined the family business in 1970. He worked with Allan until his passing in September 2007. Our mom became president of the company following her husband’s death and retained this status until her passing in May 2013.

We now have 90 employees who contribute greatly to our success and we are grateful for their dedication and professionalism.

Our success would not have been possible without the support of you, our customers. Thank you very much for your con?idence and encouragement.